Tulum Couples Vacation Seminar

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Your Path to Epic Love!
A Magical Vacation Seminar For Couples

• TULUM, MEXICO — FEBRUARY 17-24, 2024 
$1995 PER PERSON - 

Life in the 2020s often requires us to be super achievers in too many areas. We tend to put ourselves and our relationships last. This hectic pace along with Covid challenges has taken its toll and lessen the very aspects of relationship that are most meaningful and nourishing. We are often left desperately needing a vacation and perhaps a relationship upgrade. This exclusive retreat at the beautiful Paledora Selva Resort in Tulum, Mexico on February 17th - 24th. 2024 is just what you need.



Leave winter behind by joining Charles, Christy Muir and staff, with just 10 other couples at a secluded jungle spa.  It is just 10 minutes away from the last undeveloped beach of Tulum Mexico‘s world famous Riviera beaches.  A 10 minute walk will take you to Mayan ruins and pyramid.  You will dance in private, pure water, cenote caves or two private swimming pools. You can treat yourself to luxurious spa treatments or walk together at the retreats tropical paradise pathways.  There are only two 2 1/2 hour classes a day with plenty of free time to play.  This was a healing grounds for mayans and it will be that for yourself and your relationship! This is a week that will give you great fun, great food, spectacular location, fabulous new friends and sexual love skills that you will use for the rest of your life! When was the last time you dedicated 8 days of vacation time to bettering your relationship's love life?



This seminar provides a reset point for couples who want to dramatically improve the quality of sex and intimacy in their love lives. You will open up to more ecstatic pleasure and spiritual connection in your relationship.

This Art of Conscious Loving seminar will transform sex into a loving meditation, putting more consciousness, energy, intimacy, joy, and love into your sexual exchanges.

In the classes, you will learn and practice ways to deepen intimacy, free female orgasms, and discover new methods to increase pleasure for both partners. You will master the mysteries of esoteric lovemaking: learning about energy, and how do use it in the practices of kissing, touch, positions, lovemaking movement and embrace. Brain mudras will hook up your largest sex organ, (the brain) with the 4 different orgasmic, neural pathways and create new experiences of ecstatic, blissful pleasure that heals body, mind and spirit. Couples communication skills will be taught and practiced.


Tuition for this exclusive event (limited to nine couples) is $1995 per person.

Early bird discount: Sign up by August 31st, 2023 and save $250 per person off your tuition. Reserve your spot with a $600 per person deposit at https://www.sourcetantra.com/vacation 



Paledora has 9 rooms available on campus. Accommodations include a king size bed in comfortable, air-conditioned rooms with bathtub, WiFi and daily maid service. The total price for meals and rooms for Feb 17th - 24th is $1082.29 per a person. Meal plan includes light breakfast, hearty lunch and dinner, and will accommodate every dietary restriction.

A portal page to book the room will be added in the near future to: https://www.paledoraselva.com/sourcetantra2



Christy Rose Muir is an Elite Level CTE Certified Tantra Educator at the School School of Tantra. She has been certified in massage, yoga, NLP, and has a strong background in psychology and hypnotherapy. She is a musician, song writer and singer. She brings these gifts to Source Tantra Seminars. https://www.imaginegoodness.com/

Charles Muir has practiced Laya Yoga since 1966 and has taught taught Tantra Yoga since 1978. He is considered the grandfather of the modern Tantra renaissance. Charles is quoted in over 140 books in print on Tantra, relationship, sex, and yoga. He has over 120 educational videos on his YouTube channel and his books, seminars and video programs have introduced over one million people to the benefits of Tantra Yoga.