White Tantra Yoga Vol I - Beginners (1 CD)

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White Tantra Yoga Audio CD • Volume I
Suitable for Beginners & Beyond

White Tantra Yoga Volume I offers a meditative approach to hatha yoga. This CD features a 30-minute "wake-up routine" to start your day and another 30-minute routine to assist you in unwinding for a restful night's sleep. It contains instructions in basic asanas, breathing techniques, and meditations. 1 Audio CD (61 minutes)

White Tantra Yoga (Laya Yoga) is the Grandfather of Hatha Yoga. It is a breath-oriented, meditative, and chakra-focused practice of gentle stretches that promote health on all levels. It is a way of "making love" to your body which will revitalize you, increase your flexibility, and lead you to the "Beloved" that resides in your Heart. A beautiful musical score joins perfectly with "word picture" instruction, to lead you into the state of being which is Yoga. Each CD includes Tantric breathing techniques, meditations, and easy-to-follow White Tantra routines.