Sacred Spot Massage

How to Find The Sacred Spot™

The sacred spot is a sensitive area located in the upper wall of the vagina. The psychological research team of Addiego, Belzer, Comolli, Moger, Perry and Whipple named this area after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, who wrote about it in 1950. It was known and written about in both ancient India and China.

The spot does not lie on the vaginal wall itself, but can be felt through it. It is usually about halfway between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix and feels like a small lump that swells as it is stimulated. When it is first touched many women report that it feels like they need to urinate, even if the bladder has just been emptied. However, within 60-90 seconds of massage, this initial reaction is replaced in some women by a strong and distinctive feeling of sexual pleasure.

Some women report an orgasm from stimulation of this area and some also report an expulsion of fluid from the urethra when they experience this type of orgasm. The fluid expelled is clear and the ancient Tantricas called it “Amrita”, which means divine nectar. Amrita nurtures and energizes both the man and woman, creates harmony in the entire family and is said to nurture and heal the Earth Mother herself.



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Tantra As A Healing Art
By Charles & Caroline Muir

Ancient Tantra is a spiritual system in which sexual love is a sacrament. We are not teachers of ancient tantric traditions and rituals, but we have developed a system based on tantric philosophical concepts and techniques that we have found applicable in our life and in the lives of our students. It is a system that can elevate a couple’s relationship to the level of art.

Unfortunately, and contrary to what we would like to believe, we are not born naturally good at sex or at relationships. Few of us have benefited from a formal education in sexuality or sexual love. Even though we are children of the sexual revolution, we are still largely conditioned by belief systems that may have instilled in us guilt or fear or insecurity or sham. Such negative imprints, although they may reside quietly in the subconscious and cause only minor or occasional disturbances, rarely allow us to journey into the spiritual potential of sexual love. Tantra can help us do just that because a spiritual goal is as important to the tantric couple as their love.

In our workshops and seminars, we use techniques that we have developed from some of the ancient tantric lessons. These techniques are designed for the uninitiated, for the beginner. We share them with love and with deep respect for the potential for pleasure, for healing, and for the spiritual growth they can provide. We hope you will share with us our excitement over how extraordinarily well suited to our modern age and culture these ancient Eastern lessons are.

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The Sacred Spot - A Doorway To The Yoniverse

"This energetic access spot is the other pole for sexual fulfillment in women. Deep inside, protected as the clitoris is not, it is a place that can produce the most profound pleasure, both physically and on a psychic level. But because it is so deep inside and so well hidden, it is often a receptacle for storing all manner of hurtful things associated with sexuality. If that is the case, the spot‘s negative charge can be shocking, and it is important to know this when you begin the process of arousing it.

If a women has had painful experiences with sex, physical or emotional, her first contact with the spot may be unpleasant, even painful, in the way a bruise hurts when you put pressure on it. If she perseveres, however, if she and her loved one go slowly and love tenderly, the sore spot inside her will heal, and with it her past wounds; and in healing herself this way, a woman can awaken a power she has never known. This power can illuminate life in all areas, and can provide access to the tantric Wave of Bliss. It is the power of the Goddess Shakti, the power of Tantra, and it can be yours."

Excerpt from Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving By Charles & Caroline Muir

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