Code of Ethics

Source Tantra Code of Ethics
For the Practice of Sacred Spot Massage™
As Taught by Source School of Tantra Yoga

As a Certified Tantric Educator (CTE) and practitioner of Sacred Spot Massage™, as taught by the Source School of Tantra Yoga (SSTY), we align ourselves with the intention of education, the raising of consciousness, sexual healing and awakening. Offering this gift of sacred service comes with certain responsibilities. These responsibilities include engaging in conduct which is moral, ethical, and legal, and to always act in the best interests of our students. Our professional relationships are based upon and grounded in trust, and it is our responsibility to place the welfare of the student above our own personal interests. As professionals, we shall act in ways that will merit trust, and demonstrate compassion and respect for the student. In fostering these guiding principles, we pledge that while performing Sacred Spot Massage™:


  1. Assess the student’s needs by processing an intake form before the session begins.
  2. Ask whether the student has any history of physical, emotional or sexual abuse, and refer out to mental health professionals if the client has risk factors.
  3. Ask permission to enter or touch the student’s sexual centers and genitals (including breasts, vagina, penis and anus).
  4. Dress appropriately: genitals of the giver must be covered at all times during the session.
  5. State our boundaries and ask about the client’s desired boundaries for the Sacred Spot Session. Boundaries do not change once the session has begun.
  6. Create an intention for the healing, spiritual and sexual energy that will be co-created during the session. Both the CTE and student select 1) Something to Receive, 2) Something to Release.
  7. Check in with the student within 24 hours of completed session to ask how they are doing, and what has come up for them.
  8. Stay open to hear any complaints made by the student about the session, actively listen to any of their feelings that may have come up, and acknowledge any part we may have played in their pain or suffering.
  9. Keep all information and details about the session strictly confidential, unless otherwise agreed upon.


  1. Remove all of our clothes during a session.
  2. Have sex with a student/receiver, including intercourse, oral/vaginal and breast mouth kissing during the session. (Couples in a romantic relationship may negotiate their own boundaries and desires)
  3. Never have sexual play with a student after a session is over.


  1. In sessions involving monetary compensation, or a healer/student relationship, we never date immediately after the session, but rather wait a minimum of 90 days after terminating the professional relationship (termination means the final session and payment are completed). In deciding whether to pursue a romantic relationship it is incumbent to assess whether the receiver/student is vulnerable and incapable of making a well-informed decision to date. If so, we refrain from any dating relationship. Refer to a professional therapist, if needed. The responsibility for this determination falls to the CTE.
  2. All CTE students and graduates, event organizers and assistants must abide by all of the above rules and engage in conduct consistent with this code of ethics. Failure to abide by these rules/code may result in the revocation of CTE certifications, removal from the Source Tantra website, banishment from meet-up groups and school events, and/or other appropriate sanctions being imposed, with the discretion of SSTY.
  3. Violations of these policies should be reported immediately via email or phone contact to Charles Muir at Our policy is to take all such claims seriously. They will be investigated and reviewed by three (3) senior teachers. Involved parties will be spoken to directly by the staff. A follow up conference call between the parties and senior staff will be arranged in the hope that the matter can be resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned. If resolution is not achieved, legal, restorative justice, or other appropriate processes will be recommended
  4. Should SSTY be named in any legal proceeding or action as a result of your actions/conduct, you hereby agree to hold harmless and indemnify SSTY, its officers, teachers, agents, and employees from any and all liability arising out of the actions of the undersigned in the course there of.


All attendees of our CTE Mastery Courses will be required to read, understand and sign this Code of Ethics before participating. This is necessary to ensure a safe, holistic environment for everyone!

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