What Is Tantra?

yam-yum-4.jpgThe Source School of Tantra Yoga was founded in 1978 by Charles Muir. Having been deeply involved with practicing and teaching yoga's spiritual aspects for over 12 years, Mr. Muir observed that the traditional yogic methods of celibacy, as a way of expressing one's sexual energy, was inappropriate for most of his yoga students who were householders.

By living Tantra Yoga's principles and practices, he was able to translate them for the western mind and values. He developed unique experiential exercises that enabled his students to align and ground their sexual self (second chakra psyche) with the rest of their psycho/energy system. When passion, love, and consciousness join together, they transform sex into a profound and loving meditation, which increases intimacy, joy, and connection in a couple's life.

Through practice, couples can experience an ever-deepening transcendental oneness and bliss. Sex is the doorway for most students, but love and awakening is what they find.

Source School of Tantra Yoga's seminars on Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving are the most popular and successful Tantra seminars in America. They have overwhelmingly received positive media coverage as well as become the basis for two Hollywood movies, Bliss and The Best Ever.

In addition to seminars, Source School of Tantra Yoga offers group and private instruction on all levels of Tantra, from beginner to advanced, throughout the U.S. mainland and Hawaii. Our Certified Tantra Educator courses have produced more successful teachers than any other program. Our home study course on Tantra is the only one with a money back guarantee.

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