Our Tantra Students Speak! • Life-Changing Experiences From Decades of Seminars

Each one of our 30k+ students has their own unique experience at Source School of Tantra Yoga seminars. Their feedback shows how much they learned and also what a transformative wonder Tantra is for so many people.

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"Dear Charles,

Thank you for a fun filled light-hearted Tantric Weekend! We really enjoyed your teaching and expression of the practice. We are very grateful and look forward to deepening on the tantric path. We have already had numerous sessions since we have been home. On Monday I released waves of grief and pain that felt ancient as Steve held me through another Sacred Spot Ceremony. It was the 2nd strongest physical and emotional process I have ever had. So needless to say, we are committed and devoted to this journey.

Our intention is to practice daily… We are currently in the application process for the Level One Teachers Training in December. Once again…Thank you…

Love & Many Blessings,

"Dear Charles and Leah... It [the seminar] certainly went big time better and way more powerful than I had expected as my only experience with Tantra is with Dan Murphy. You couldn't have been more right on about the difference. Charles and Leah treated us as whole people with a full spectrum of emotions. All of the exercises were perfect and meaningful contributed greatly to the experience. It was so honoring and respectful, and I couldn't believe how funny Charles was. They made it so much fun. :-) Dave and I definitely turned a corner, and are looking forward to absorbing what we learned little by little. We had to get right back into busy schedules, which is why this message is so overdue, but we plan to read over the materials and "practice" more this weekend." - A happy couple

"Dear Charles... It appears that Mother Nature is helping us stay indoors by planning a perfect stormy weekend. :-) Again, Rich, thank you for encouraging me to attend and for making it financially possible. And mucho thanks for all the sweetly delivered tissues during my processing moments. That "daddy piece" got me deeply. Hope to see you next Wednesday." - Big Hug, B

"Dear Charles and Caroline... I learned that love is easy and that the act of lovemaking is/can be transformational. I've came to a deeper understanding of my own ability or previous lack of allowing others to really love me or care for me. I've learned to be more gentle and loving to myself and others. I found the seminar to be enjoyable and challenging and I enjoyed Charles' knowledge, groundedness and the ease with which he taught. Charles is funny - this helps greatly because the subject matter and the reformation of our mental concepts surrounding love and lovemaking are usually charged with so much emotion, fear, excitement, uncertainty and anxiety. In the face of this vulnerable and powerful chakra, humor is greatly appreciated.

I liked the seminar. It was valuable. It was also an entertainment experience - Charles is very funny. I appreciated Charles' vitality, passion for his work and his determination to clearly convey. It is different than I thought and than probably most people think! It is so much about deepening your connection with yourself and with your lover. The techniques are easy to understand and fun! This seminar gave me more tools to increase the levels of intimacy in my relationship. I used techniques for a more intense and prolonged orgasm in my partner and myself. I know now that I have been missing a 'total' experience all these years." No longer missing out ...

"Dear Charles and Leah... As I sat at our table yesterday morning I scanned the people in the restaurant. Many are the people from our gathering with you. All these people have a glow of joy on their faces. It is clear that they to have been gifted with knowledge that will give them a better-balanced life. I look at Karen, my beloved and see the joy in her face. She is looking younger and more radiant then ever. Although over fifty she could easily pass for a woman in her twenties. It is clear that she too has greatly benefited from this weekend of love. We came to your gathering this weekend with a great love that was already very well balanced with great harmony. Sexually and other wise we were very fulfilled. Neither of us felt any lacking in the sweetness that we enjoyed regularly.

Ours was and still is a true love. Regular deeply full filling sex with frequent and brilliant orgasms is a normal part of our love lives. Other than a weekend away to relax with my wife I honestly did not feel that we would greatly benefit from our attending this gathering. It is two in the morning and as I sit here I realize that I was wrong. We needed this knowledge. I needed this knowledge. We are both so grateful to the two of you for having gifted us so. The sweet and loving way that you and your staff cared for all of us this weekend touched us greatly.

I know now that we will continued to have a great love live that it will be even more fulfilled than ever. I too am grateful for the relaxing techniques that you taught me this weekend too. My job has become very stressful as of late. I have been struggling for some way to regain balance and center myself after along day. Karen has been a practicing student of Yoga for years. I know now that I will be to. As a side note, this morning I just woke up from a flying dream. I often have these after Karen and I have a great evening of lovemaking.

For the most part these flying dreams are filled with a great sense of peace. Although I woke up from this dream as I normally do (feeling very well balanced and wholly at peace), tonight was different. Tonight my children were in my flying dream. I know now that when they mature and are ready for this knowledge, we will make sure that they are gifted with it. Thank you again for this gift of love that you have bestowed on us. We are very great full for you and feel very blessed to have been part of your ministry to this world in great need of sexual opening." Chuck

"Dear Charles and Caroline... I am a single mom whose children are late teens and no longer consume all my attention and energy. In the past few years, as that shift has occurred, I've become aware that my life is missing the experience of community. Although I have many acquaintances through my children's school and athletic activities, I don't have a sense of being deeply connected to them. It is a connection of circumstances, not of kindred spirits. More and more, I am hungry for and missing a feeling of community in my daily life.

"Come to Theresa and David's and meet Charles and Caroline Muir. Find out about the course they will be leading in 2 weeks", said my friend Sheryl. I didn't need to go to the introductory session; I'd already decided to take the beginners' workshop on Tantra yoga. But I thought, what the heck, why not? It was a couple hours on a Saturday evening, close to my home, and maybe I'd get something out of it.

About 30 people attended the session. They all seemed to be students of Tantra, though not necessarily with the Muirs. The energy in Theresa and David's home was remarkable. As well as their interest in Tantra, these people appeared to share other really attractive characteristics. They were warm and gentle and very open. They had a naturalness and ease about them. And in contrast to the affluent, competitive atmospheres I usually confronted in my work or at my children's school events, these people possessed a spirituality and generosity that made being in a room full of strangers a completely safe experience for me.

Charles and Caroline's talk spoke deeply to my heart. They described sexual experience as a vehicle for bringing more love, joy, and healing into people's lives. Their philosophy spoke to how people could contribute to and enrich one another through their sexual interactions, that our sexuality was this miraculous gift intended to bring bliss to our lives. This was a far cry from the dark, evil, sinister sex I had been indoctrinated to as a child, a point of view I had rejected pretty soon after the first time I made love. "What on earth can be evil about that?" I remember thinking. "This is the most life-affirming, glorious thing in the world!" Unfortunately, until I was in that room that Saturday night, that was not an opinion I heard expressed in public.

When I left that evening, I hugged Theresa. "I love your community," I said. "This is something I want in my life."

Flash forward, two weeks later. I had completed "Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving" the weekend before and was at Theresa and David's for an afternoon get together/potluck dinner with about 20 of their Tantra friends. Some had just done the weekend course with me. Others I'd met at the Saturday night introduction. Others were new to me. All were warm and vulnerable and kind. There was no sexual touching at our evening. There was guided movement, an exercise in conscious eating, free-style dancing, and much chakra-to-chakra hugging. I left feeling honored and admired and joyful, and part of a very special community." A single mom... 

"Dear Charles and Leah... I would like to take a moment to thank you so much for holding this weekend. I am the person with the white teeth you commented on and also in Girl Talk the one that has been married 33 years and scared of the night's homework on surrender. I have never experienced such a wonderful healing and it continues on! I actually thought at one point we were in a boat rocking! Then I realized that must be wrong…no boat! Asked Tony if the bed was rocking…nothing was except inside me! Amazing! Tears, lots of sadness! Kryas…to the point of my teeth chattering. Had to stop round 1. Next round sadness again…orgasms…multitudes! expansiveness and kryas!

It has been truly and wonderful feeling of aliveness! A lot is happening within my family since we have come home. We still need to complete the circuit with the man surrender. We had to leave early…reading info about it. If I can't find the postures…can you direct online? Thank you so very much for a weekend that saved us!" - ... married 33 years 

"Dear Charles and Leah... It has been two weeks since we returned from our week at Esalen with you. The five day workshop seemed to last a long time since it was packed with new information, new techniques for loving and caring, ideas for intimacy, and deep insight into who we are as human beings. Now it seems our special time together was an eternity ago. This is partly due to the tragic events that have rocked our nation in the last week. Part of it is because the five days at Esalen were so incredibly beautiful, spiritual and intense that it did not seem real. It was real and gave both of us more hope for a safe, sane world, a world where relationships, love and caring are priorities.

The tumultuous events of the past week have left us again bewildered as we confront tragedy, hatred towards others, lost lives, and anguished relatives. Having a close intimate relationship is our best safeguard against a world of uncertainty and the language of war. Your couples' Tantra class with its emphasis on healing, intimacy, compassion, has been for both of us a foundation that is keeping us strong through this tough time. At the end of our day, it is very comforting to hug, hold and connect to your partner without judgment, recrimination, nor the outbursts associated with a stressful work day.

We are following your advice and are putting lingam and yoni nights on the calendar. Added to our nightly routine is "spooning" with each other – lying like spoons as we concentrate on each other's chakras. It is a wonderful way to start and end the day.

While we knew that your course would improve our sexual relationship, we were most impressed by your teaching and coaching. It helped us build a deep, intimate, and passionate relationship that was always there hidden within us but not deeply shown. We feel there is still more to learn about each other. After being together for 34 years, we still love each other deeply, are sexually excited about each other, and feel united spiritually and emotionally. Your exciting work has helped us realize this.

Seven months ago, I was clinically depressed, cynical about life, and feeling much sadness and emptiness instead of joy in my daily life. Leaving a toxic work environment was the first step in saving myself. Six months of intense therapy pulled me out of my depression. Your Tantra couple's course of conscious loving came at the right time for both of us and cemented my healing and growth as a spiritual being. My life now looks bright, full of love, intimacy, positive relationships and a deepening love shared with my husband and life partner. Your emphasis on "giving" besides receiving love, filled my spirit with joy. Naturally being a giver, I became a better conscious lover with your exercises that we practice daily. As my heart grew bigger I became one with the universe. Having now experienced the higher levels of love and intimacy leads me on a new path with no return. Neither of us can go back to feeling empty, alone, misunderstood, or rejected for our values and issues of concern.

With our national tragedy, war talk, and gloomy economy, we are still confident that our lives in America will be brighter. We are encouraged by the outpouring of compassion from around the world and what our citizens are sharing within our country and our neighborhood. The energy we experienced at your seminar can be generated among our nation to help our country make the best of the very difficult years ahead of us. Thank you so very much for leading us along a joyous path of discovery, intimacy, conscious loving, and belief in humankind." ... found a joyous path of discovery

"Dear Charles and Caroline... My husband and I attended the May 1999 workshop in Longmont and I have been meaning to write to thank you for sharing your knowledge of Tantra with us and giving us new tools and information to expand our lovemaking, relationship, and life together.

Since the couples workshop, many times I find myself telling him, "I don't know what Charles said to you men that night, but whatever it was, Yeah Charles!" I feel that I am releasing all kinds of negative emotions and especially needless baggage and self criticism, it is as if my husband is helping me make room for more love.

I feel so vulnerable yet so close and trusting and connected to him. Out with the old and in with the new. Some of these sessions have been followed by lovemaking and it is as if I have endless chakra energy…It is as if our energy is in unison, ebbing and flowing, expanding and growing. Needless to say, this has expanded our life together is so many ways. There is so much we've learned in how to pleasure each other, and I won't go into it all. On our dream list of vacations is participating in one of your weeklong workshops. Thank you both, we are deeply grateful, you have been wonderful teachers to us!" - "Yeah Charles!"

"Dear Charles and Leah... The Art of Conscious Loving has shown us ways in which to be more open, loving and able to take risks with each other while feeling totally safe. It has helped us learn a deep sense of trust that we continue to build on and explore together.

The workshop was magnificent. It surpassed all of our expectations. Charles and Leah, you are both superb teachers! It was a loving, respectful, honest environment; and although there were many other couples, we felt your words and presence directly as if you were always there just for us." - ... felt totally safe

"Dear Charles and Leah... One of the most powerfully and gently mind shifting experiences of my life. A true paradigm shift facilitated with joy, humor and love...is a wonderful way to increase intimacy with one's partner and achieve higher levels of pleasure both as a couple, and as an individual." - "wonderful!"

"Dear Charles and Caroline... What a truly amazing experience! Charles, you are a gifted communicator. Caroline, you are inspired! I was truly taken by the diversity of people in attendance. They were from all walks of life; they all had different stories. Some were from the 'healing set', some were 'intellectuals' and some were just 'Plain folk.

Being raised a southern Baptist, I know all about evangelism and conversion. Nothing will make me run for cover quicker. You presented your material so honestly; with such a sense of 'don't take my word for it;' a sense of 'try it, you'll like it.' We tried it. We liked it." - "You'll see us again!"

"Dear Charles and Leah... The workshop was well organized and created with a level of integrity and safety that encourages opening to exploring and experiencing a greater level of loving and healing." - ... "integrity and safety"

"Dear Charles and Leah... Overall, I feel that it was the best "Tantric" workshop we have ever been to. Your ability to communicate and connect Tantric skills to the mainstream was superb. I enjoyed especially hearing your explanations and the input from the group have found that since I returned, that the most profound thing I have shared has been with other women and their partners... about the power of (G-spot) healing, not to mention the sheer pleasure. Although many women (and some of their partners) said that they knew where their G-spot was and had experienced it, none of them (except one young woman) had ever experienced the pleasure I have had since my husband received instructions from Charles.

We had already done some G-spot pleasure, but the waves and waves of pleasure and the length of time possible for pleasure has doubled since our Atlanta weekend.

I tell all my friends that the genuine spiritual connection to their sexuality that Conscious Loving teaches along with the "Tantric Living" tools you are teaching will keep their relationship as well as their lives "hot and alive" and in a warm, communicating place." - ... "best "Tantric" workshop we have ever been to"

"Dear Charles and Leah... I feel that the workshop was absolutely one of the most transformational experiences of my life! To me, sex should be about looking your beloved in the eyes and exchanging energy and love in every way possible "The Art of Conscious Loving" seminar makes this a reality by teaching techniques for opening the heart and mind and body." - ... "absolutely one of the most transformational experiences of my life!"

"Dear Charles and Caroline... We attended your beginners seminar in Atlanta. You will remember me because I was the only guy with negative comments about the Saturday night homeplay when we came back on Sunday morning. You called on me because of my sour face, I suppose and I told you how I was disappointed because the results of my giving didn't meet my expectations for that 'best ever' series of orgasms I guess I expected.

It is a shame there was no Monday morning session to report the results the Sunday night homeplay, because I would really love to tell the group my story about that. Saturday night didn't meet my high expectations, but Sunday night far exceeded them. My expectations for Sunday night were for a pleasant 90 minutes of massage and attention capped off by one of the most pleasurable normal orgasms that I have come to know and love.

For the first 60 minutes, it was very pleasurable with Janice doing massage and using the strokes she had learned and I was feeling very good. When she started the sacred spot massage, I started breathing deeply and was overcome by wonderful feelings. I had an orgasm without ejaculating for the first time in my life, but I really didn't know what it was until later. She stopped when I started making a loud noise because she thought she was hurting me.

After a little prostrate massage, she started again and the most amazing feeling began to build. She had her thumb on my perineum and was massaging my lingum with her other hand. I was breathing very deeply and the pleasurable feelings were quickly building in me. It started to feel better and better, going way beyond the best I had ever felt. At one point, it became so intense, I couldn't feel anything anymore. I don't know how long that was, but when I eventually came back to feeling again, it was intensely pleasurable. It felt like electricity was shooting out of my hands and the top of my head. It took a long time for me to calm down to where Janice and I could talk about what had happened.

Janice was worried that I would have a heart attack. I think I must have pretty loud because even though I wasn't conscious of making any noise, afterward my throat felt like I had been screaming for my team at a high school football game all night. I didn't think I had ejaculated, but I had to ask Janice to be sure. She confirmed I hadn't. It was a completely different feeling than an ordinary orgasm, way more intense.

I was so amazed and excited about what had happened. Within a space of 20 minutes or so, I had had two orgasms without ejaculating and the second one was the most powerful emotional experience I had ever felt. Janice said I acted like a third grade boy making his first trip to Disneyland. I thought it was a pretty good description of how I felt after the experience except I felt even better and more excited.

I had read about full body orgasms, but always thought it was bull ----. Not any more. These were the most amazing feelings I had ever experienced. So once again the results of your homeplay assignment had failed to meet my expectations. I just wish I could tell the whole group how it has come out this time. Now I'm working on being as good a giver as Janice is and not expecting any result but enjoying the journey.

Thank you so much for your wonderful instruction. Keep up the good work. We hope to see you in Hawaii soon for the intermediate course.

The most healing thing I have ever done. I learned a lot about true intimacy and about myself. I learned a way to have a deep, spiritual connection with my partner which can be incorporated into lovemaking. It transformed my marriage!

I just attended Charles and Caroline's workshop in Santa Cruz. They were incredible! Charles' humor in the area is a delight and Caroline exudes light, beauty and inner wisdom. Thank you both for a wonderful and transforming weekend. My relationship will never be the same. My husband and I came away with a deeper commitment and love for each other.

This is something every man and woman should know about. Such a beautiful art is so easy to learn. It transformed our lovemaking. Wonderful! I've never been to a workshop as well facilitated as this one. Charles and Caroline are courageous, warm, loving, funny and generous people.

We experienced a whole night and morning of the deepest soul-body intimacy I have ever experienced…Nonstop bliss, safety, unconditional love and deep relaxation – Pure being – Room full of light and sacred presence, angels, unity of sexuality and spirituality. An experience I had never hoped for in this lifetime." - ... "Nonstop bliss, safety, unconditional love"

"Dear Charles and Caroline... For me, it gave a whole new dimension to sex. It was a safe place for us to make a shift. I was able to connect with my husband in a new way and on a whole different level. It brought our marriage (and me) to life.

The Sacred spot massage was very powerful; the issues brought up from the process, the connection made in working through the issues and even the support from the group before and after. This workshop changed my life and our marriage. Our therapist just shakes his head in amazement now. It has opened doors to communication, connection and communion. It also shifted something inside of me that affected my self confidence. Awesome!

It's hard to improve upon perfection! You are both masters at your work and very real human beings.

Tantric experiences allow opportunities to practice opening your heart to others. Because this is done in such a safe context, there is hope of unlearning the ways we protect our heart from others." - "Awesome!"


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