CTE Mastery Courses

The CTE Level 1 Mastery Course is for singles and couples who want to dramatically increase their Tantra skills and understand its principles. It is also for students who want to teach the Tantric arts to others and/or facilitate healing sessions for their clients or partners.

For those seeking to become Certified Tantra Educators®, the course progression is:

1. Beginners Weekend  (or equivalent)

2. Intermediate  *Optional

3. CTE Level 1 (11-day Mastery Course)

4. CTE Level 2 (11-day Mastery Course)

Our Current Schedule of CTE events:
CTE 1: 9/12/24 - 9/22/24 Holiday Inn Express Sacramento, Ca
CTE 2: 1/8/25 - 1/18/25 Holiday Inn Express Sacramento, Ca
CTE 3 / Gathering: TBA