Secrets of Female Sexual Ecstasy DVD (Digital Format Only)

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Secrets of Female Sexual Ecstasy DVD
A Beautiful Introduction to Sacred Spot Massage

Educational, Erotic, and Visually Stunning!

This classic, exceptionally beautiful DVD from Charles and Caroline Muir will show you ways to more intimacy, passion, and emotional connection than you can now imagine. Explicit, yet not X-rated, sexual loving is depicted with an innocence, beauty, and wisdom that transforms sex into a new art form for the 21st century, with clear instructions to awaken and release unlimited orgasmic energy. You will banish boredom from your bedroom and significantly increase your lovemaking skills. 1 DVD (90 minutes)

In this DVD you will learn:

  • Secrets of Erotic Kissing and Touch
  • Facts about Male Ejaculatory Choice, a Key to Creating Maximum Lovemaking Health, Creativity, and Power
  • Detailed Instructions for Female Sacred Spot (G-Spot) Massage
  • Female Ejaculation – The Truth about Amrita, the Divine Nectar

"Simply put, Secrets of Female Sexual Ecstasy is absolutely the best Tantra DVD ever made. It is filled with old wisdom, new practical instruction, and plenty of beautifully-filmed action that will set you on fire!" – P.H. Birosik, Syndicated Reviewer

"This is a terrific video. The authenticity of the people and the bold beauty of your sharing is worthy of the deepest and highest honors. This movie is very rare as it speaks and shows the truth of sacred loving. Your presentation is remarkably beautiful and pure. The visionary artwork and the music that you selected are no less than perfect. Even the credits are fantastic! I actually watched them 3 times! Nice job from top to bottom, left to right, and through and through. I bow to you, and to all who helped in its creation and vision. Thank you for this honest and beautiful contribution to the upliftment of humankind." - T.L.

"The Muirs are leaders for a generation that desires a new form of relationship" – Whole Life Times

"The ultimate result can be huge, powerful, wildly satisfying orgasms that seem to emanate from the depth of your soul!" – Playgirl Magazine