Sexual Healing: The Tantra Way DVD

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Sexual Healing: The Tantra Way DVD
Charles Muir addresses over 100 leading tantra educators!

This educational, profound and often humorous DVD presents renowned Tantra Master, Charles Muir, addressing over 100 of the world's leading Tantra educators and sexual healers.

Charles Muir, the originator of “Sacred Spot Massage”, shares from his 40 years of practice and mastery what it takes to be a successful sexual healer. You will learn the 108 qualities that a Daka or Dakini (sexual high priest/priestess) must manifest within themselves to become a master.


The secret Tantric practice of Transformative Lovemaking, an ancient practice of sex magic, is instructed as a way to manifest these spiritual qualities of enlightment on your road to sexual healing mastery.

The esoteric Tantra meditation of Bija mantra, combined with the sacred geometry of Yantra is clearly instructed. Through this initiation and practice, you will safely awaken the sleeping energy and consciousness that is found in the chakras.

This powerful meditation also opens the nadis (energy meridians) so that the released energy can renew you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You will benefit from each time you view this powerful DVD.