Laya Yoga White Tantra - Vol. 1

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White Tantra Laya Yoga • Volume I
This online class streams via DropBox

After 54 years of teaching first Hatha Yoga then Tantra Yoga, Master Charles Muir is sharing his deepest secrets in our newest video production “White Tantra Laya Yoga.” This experiential hour-long Tantra Yoga class is designed to activate your chakras and awaken consciousness.

Laya Yoga is the grandfather of all forms of Hatha Yoga. It enhances your body's ability to run more energy and therefore increases your ability to feel more pleasure. This practice will improve your flexibility, uplift you emotionally and lead you into a state of deep inner peace. All of these benefits carry over to your Red Tantra sexual practices. White Tantra leads you into a deeper, more juicy and intimate Red Tantra practice. “To love another, you must first learn to love yourself.”

Starting with the Base Chakra and ascending to the Crown, your class begins with seven different breathing techniques advanced by the Tantra tools of Mudras, Yantras, Bandhas and energy visualizations.

Next, four yoga exercises are transformed into energy poses: positions to meditate in using extended holds, chakra focus, pranayama, Yantras and energy visualization. You will experience subtle levels of body awareness and a deeper connection to your energy and emotional bodies.