White Tantra Yoga Complete Set • 3 Volumes (5CDs) Digital Downloads

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White Tantra Yoga Audio CDs • Complete Set
All 3 Volumes: Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced

White Tantra Yoga harnesses the power of your love, breath, and mind, directing it through your chakras and body. It is a form of Kundalini Yoga which alternates the moving meditation of stretching with periods of profound sitting meditations.

Yogi Charles Muir, accompanied by award-winning New Age musicians, expertly guides you through this form of self love, self regeneration, and self realization. These productions are good for beginners and advanced Hatha Yoga students. They are a vital part of any Tantric practice.

Complete set includes all three volumes of White Tantra Yoga on five high-quality CDs (5 hours of instruction) at an extraordinary discount price. $55 Regular Price; Online only price $30.00!