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Meeting of the Masters Volume I, II, & III
Complete 3 DVD Set

These DVDs feature Tantra Master Charles Muir and Taoist Grandmaster Mantak Chia teaching together across a wide array of topics centering on the power of sexual energy.

Volume 1: Alchemy, Orgasm & Awakening
• The difference between the G-Spot and Sacred Spot
• How changing the way you breathe can change sex into bliss
• How “pause and go” lovemaking is the key to longevity & vitality
• The mystery of the Base Chakra and the Male Sacred Spot
• Why alchemy is more important than chemistry in relationships

Volume 2: Sex, Energy & Ecstatic Love
• Practices for singles, couples and same sex partners
• Principles of directing energy
• Using sexual energy for spiritual awakening
• Orgasms, ingasms and sex magic
• Regenerative practices in masturbation
• Instruction in Taoist exercises and meditations
Volume 3: Eastern Secrets of Sexual Love
• Powerful Sexual Chi Gung Practices & Techniques
• Compassion Fire Breathing Meditation Technique
• Energy Organ Wrapping For Healing & Rejuvenation
• Ejaculatory Control & Full Body Orgasm Techniques
• Educating Your Children About Sacred Sexuality