Laya Yoga White Tantra - Vol. 2: The Inner Game

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White Tantra Laya Yoga • Volume 2: The Inner Game
This online class streams via DropBox


Do you seek something deeper from your Yoga practice? Each asana becomes an energy position in which you stretch, concentrate, do pranayama, and stimulate the chakras in a variety of ways as you learn the mysteries of mudras, yantras and bandhas.


“The Inner Game” is an hour-long White Tantra Laya Yoga solo practice. With each use, you will be guided into a deeper experience of the Oneness which is Yoga.

This Laya Yoga class builds upon what you learned in Volume 1. It is highly recommended that you practice with volume 1 for a minimum of three weeks before undertaking the practices of Volume 2. Yoga’s physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual benefits await you. You need only practice.