Intimacy Meditations For Two, Vol. 1: Practices For Friends & Lovers

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Intimacy Meditations For Two
Vol. 1: Practices For Friends & Lovers

Looking for connection but don’t know where to start?
Our FREE video, “Intimacy Meditations For Two”, will guide you!

If you wait until you both feel turned on, then things like tiredness, a headache or being emotionally shut down will stop you before you get started. This Tantra class will help you change how you feel and open you to the magic of love. This class is a tantric “slow date” that transforms foreplay into fun play:

This class is great for singles or couples to safely deepen their connection, and practices can be done fully or partially clothed. Charles Muir guides the practice, teaching breathing, energy work, chakra focus, yantras and tantric love tips. We guarantee it will open you to new levels of connection!

Benefits Of These Simple Tantric Practices:
• Awaken blissful joy
• Release stress
• Build deeper intimacy
• Heal relationship wounds
• Remove blocked energy
• Increase libido

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