Intimacy Meditations For Two, Vol. 3: Heart Opening Practices

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Intimacy Meditations For Two
Vol. 3: Heart Opening Practices

Are you ready for your most profound, intimate and exciting Source Tantra virtual class? Click below to watch a free video preview of this volume:

By the end of this 80 minute advanced experiential session you will have learned about energy and its transmission, both as a giver and a receiver. You will learn the secrets of awakening your partner’s nerve endings and your own. Every chakra is an erogenous zone and the heart chakra is the gateway to each of them. You will learn how to address the heart physically, emotionally and energetically.

Every emotional trauma is stored in the basement of the heart. Releasing the heart’s past emotional residues will revive numb places, so the full beauty of love can be ever more deeply lived in.

Practices in this volume include:

  • reciprocal charging breath
  • chest and breast massage
  • connecting the eight hundred nerve endings in each nipple to the brain
  • exotic kissing

In addition you will learn secret brain mudras, which awaken and activate the brain's eighty billion neurons and connects them to the body, awakening more of the potential million-billion synaptic connections. This mind + body connection facilitates the process of “coming alive”; feeling deep love, being in love, and living in love.

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