Intimacy Meditations For Two, Vol. 2: Harmonizing Moods & Energies

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Intimacy Meditations For Two
Vol. 2: Harmonizing Moods & Energies

Are you ready for a deeper class in this transformative series?
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This second volume of "Intimacy Meditations For Two" will take you on a deeper journey into the practices of Tantra. This hour-long class includes: synchronized breathing, energy and chakra transmission skills, eye gazing, brain mudras, emotional healing techniques and our unique 5 minute massage modality "Tantric Tapping". We end in Yab-Yum position melting into oneness. The Yantras, breathing and Tantric skills blend into a unified path of mastery. By alternating the role of giver and receiver throughout the class, both partners increase their energy as they open up to the magic of the Art of Conscious Loving.

"Tantric Tapping" is a modality of touch that uses percussion to remove tension from the back muscles, acupuncture meridians and chakra regions. It increases vital energy in the body, mind and emotional system miraculously changing how both partners feel.

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