Intimacy Meditations For Two, Vol. 4: Transforming The True

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Intimacy Meditations For Two
Volume 4: Transforming The True

Are you ready for your most profound, intimate and exciting Source Tantra virtual class? Click below to watch a free video preview of this volume:



“Intimacy Meditations For Two” Volume 4 advances the Tantric skills you have learned in previous volumes. It will also introduce you to the secrets of imprinting, invoking and evoking emotions. These practices will allow you to feel nurtured and create the safety needed to go into the wounded parts of your psyche to truly heals them.

Advanced Bandha practices are combined with brain mudras and sound to completely remove stuck energy from your chakras. This release will leave you feeling lighter and create space, allowing you to feel more deeply loved than you ever thought possible.

Blocked energy and tightness in the necks, hips and pelvic floor lowers both the libido and ones ability to feel pleasure. You will be guided in healing, erotic and ecstatic touch techniques that will open you in all the right places.

Our fully clothed Source Tantra teachers (CTEs) demonstrate Tantric sex from both top and bottom positions. The class climaxes with secret Tantric kissing skills including modalities for the erogenous zones of the ears and throat chakra. Now that you are physically, emotionally and energetically open what you do next is up to you.